vendredi 30 août 2013

Hail spirit noir - Pneuma (2012)

we get used to black metal bands adding a touch of psychedelia / prog elements like Enslaved does for exemple, but with the greek duo Hail spirit noir it's a different dosage, we could say their first release Pneuma is equal part black metal and prog rock (think King crimson or even..Yes!) so it's something different, and maybe more exiting. and what's best is that the result is brilliant due to an excellent songwriting. the vocals are sometimes black metal sometimes clean and the metal riffing is balanced by the sound of vintage keyboards (mellotron, stuff like that) and guitar melodies, the drumming goes from blast beats to post-punk patterns (especially the song called against the curse, we dream has a post punk flavour, along with the prog and black metal elements). It's extremely well crafted and pleasing and I could listen to the four songs countless times. well, that's the only problem, it's just four songs, less than twenty minutes for the whole thing. and it let's you hungry for more. but the good thing is that, as I write, their second release is nearly recorded.

check it on BC.

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