mardi 27 août 2013

Sacridose-Anxiety tremors (2013)

Sacridose is a new band from the USA with the guitarist of Cellgraft (Here are what I posted about Cellgraft, may this excellent band rest in grind!). on their first release called Anxiety tremors Sacridose plays some classic good ol'grind : very short and fast songs, blast beats, shriekings, hardcore or thrash / death riffing. well, grindcore..Sacridose being more on the punk/hardcore than on the death/gore side of grind. it's less strikingly powerfull and special than Cellgraft was in my opinion. but let's not compare the bands, just take Sacridose for what it is : another cool grind band, sharp and fast. just enjoy!

here's their Bandcamp.

and here's the interview we did by mail :

-how did Sacridose formed, what was the project at the start of the band?

Me and Jaydee had been talking about starting a grind band for a while. On the first Bastard Deceiver tour we went with Radiation from Gainesville, which is how me and Palmer met. He basically did blast beats for two weeks straight so it was an easy choice.

-what about Anxiety tremors, how was it created and how would you decribe it?

We wanted to shoot for a more old school, punk influenced grind sound. Not so worried about how technical it was but more about how pissed off and primitive it could be.

-in Sacridose the guitar sound is more "normal" than it was in Cellgraft, did you wanted to try a new sound?

I definitely wanted to make it sound completely different than CG, hopefully more audible.

-what about the lyrics of the songs?

Mostly focused on hatred of civilization, science fact, and the flaws of the human psyche. Also death.

-do you already have new songs?

Enough to do a split or something. Trying not to rush writing just to put out more records.

-what does grindcore means to you?

Life. And a good way to crush ignorant losers with blast beats.

-which new grind (or not grind) recent bands would you recommend?

  Dead in the Dirt
   Rapturous Grief

-what's going on in the Tampa scene?

a lot of hipster kids discovering the smiths for the first time, some sweet death metal bands popping up, a lot of hardcore straight edge kids buying HM-2 pedals and not a whole lot of grindcore.

-which evolution would you like to see for underground music in the future?

Hopefully less trend following, more tours, more younger kids getting into punk and metal, and more...blast beats.

-what is planned for Sacridose in the coming months?

Hitting the road for our Midwest/east coast tour in November. After that, 305 Fest and more writing.

-something to add?
  Listen to Slayer.

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