vendredi 28 mars 2014

Monsters! (six of a kind) - (six way split Kaotoxin records 2014)

Kaotoxin is a franch record label specialising in extreme meta (usually quite brutal stuff!). they are delivering an excellent 6 way split with 6 cool grind bands.  its called Monsters! (six of a kind) but wa could say as well that one strong point of this split is that it showcase differents kind of grind, each band having a distinctive style. we could say it's 6 shades of grind (in 23 songs).

the most famous band on the split is Total fucking destruction (US band with Richard Hoak, drummer of Brutal truth) their two songs offers what they use to do, a grind full of surprises and inventivity, played with expert musicianship. plus they do a good Nasum cover ("blinded"). really cool to hear them on this split! (but note that it's only on the CD version, not on the digital download).

then you have 7 songs by Department of correction (from France), frenetic and relentless grind, simple but very efficient and catchy (see HERE what I wrote about their split with Strong intentions and read the interview we did). classic grind the way we like it (grindcore de qualité as they say!).

then 3 song and an intro by C.O.A.G (solo project of Déhà from Bulgaria), harsh grind darker than usual with some dissonant riffing, a bit like a grind / black metal mix. interesting and punishing stuff.

Miserable failure (from Marseille, France) lies more on the crust / hardcore side of grind. still very brutal and with sick vocals.

Unsu (from north of France) put the stress on the groove in their two mid tempo songs.

and Infected society (also from north of France) do a good job in ending the split on a chaotic hardcore / grind note.

if you're into grind, any kind of grind, you'll have no excuse for ignoring this enjoyable and interesting split. really good stuff! check it!

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