mardi 11 mars 2014

Nibiru - Netrayoni (2014)

Nibiru is an awesome italian band playing "Ritual psychedelic sludge". their new album (released as a double CD and on Bandcamp) called Netrayoni and I can already tell you that, like their first album Caosgon was last year, it's gonna be one of my favourite album this year (see THIS list of best heavy stuff of 2013, and read the review and the interview for Caosgon THERE).
on Netrayoni they also display their modus operandi of writing improvisationnal, ritualistic music. its hypnotic and of course heavy nature, could remind Sleep, but they bring in more diversity, i'd say their music is less based on the guitar riffs, with some keys parts, more spacey quitar leads, vocals. it sounds very live (in fact it's for the most part live recordings in the studio), with a sludgy very organic guitar sound with also some trippy effects, good drumming with a spontaneous feel. they slowly takes you on a jamming spacey journey and let you sink deeply in the waves of sonic vibrations. it's a good thing it's a double CD because I can listen to it the whole day!

Pure dark primitive psychedelia.   

get lost in their BC page.

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