lundi 3 mars 2014

Suffering mind - 11' st /Formatography (2014)

Suffering mind (from Poland) are not only among the old school gind band, it's also one of the most prolific. the prolem is that most of their releases are on very small splits and it does not makes it easy for those wanting to listen to their new stuff...that's why this formatography (on a 11' and digital on Bandcamp) gathering songs released on small format vinyls is really a good thing! it features the songs from :s/t 2", Death To False Grind 3", s/t 4", split 5" with Phobia, split 5" with S.A.T.A.N., split 5" with Dead Church, split 5" with Powercup, split 5" with the P.L.F., split 6" with Protestant, split 9" with MassGrave. plus 2 live tracks (Rostock, September 2010).
don't miss this good dose of Suffering mind's old school grind (or blastcore as they call their music) with a really good balance between frenzy and crushing grooves.

the Bandcamp page.

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