lundi 10 mars 2014

Sete star sept / Nahu - Phantom / The suneater (split 2014)

this one 's a cool split between two asian grinding duos. Sete star sept(side called Phantom) from Japan and Nahu (side called The suneater) from South Korea. Helicopter records from South Korea is releasing the CD format.

Sete star sept is a very, I mean very, special band. it's Kae screaming and making as much noise as possible with her bass guitar and Kiyasu is drumming like a blastbeating grinder, but with also the hardest free jazz drumming influences. punishing and smart. noisegrind can't really go farther from easy listening..but this doesn't prevent Sete sept star from being a really interesting and enjoyable listen. if you want to read what I already posted about them (including an interview), HERE it is.

Nahu is a guitar / drums duo playing some powerfull grind / death, the straightforward brutality and groove of death metal coupled with the speed and nervous agression of grindcore. very catchy songwriting and crushing delivery. I discovered Nahu with this split but won't fail to listen to their others releases! 

recommended split!

check it on Bandcamp.

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