mercredi 27 août 2014

Burning tree - Lammergyer (2013)

If you want a proof that free jazz can be as intense and breathtaking as the most ferocious grind this one will do. Burning tree is the free jazz project of a norwegian duo (Dag Erik Knedal Andersen on drums and Dag Stiberg on sax) that wanted to transpose into free jazz what they do usually with noise music. the try is really a success and Lammergyer (relased as a LP on the excellent Utech records) is a very powerfull and inspiring album. if you're looking for comparisons you can look on the side of european (more abstract and noisy) free jazz pionneer Peter Brotzmann, John Zorn in his wildest projects or Dead neanderthals. the sax player sound like he doesn't ever need to breathe, never stopping his sonic noise assault, and the drummer is not less relentless and keeps banging his kit at a frenetic high pace (up to blast beats but with much more complexity than the usual metal drumming).
side A features shorter, more composed tracks while side B is a long improvisation but sounds even more dense and merciless than the rest of the album.
if you're in quest of something radical in an out of the ordinary way, then look no further.

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