vendredi 29 août 2014

Impetuous ritual - Unholy congregation of hypocritical ambivalence (2014)

Impetuous ritual is an australian death / black metal band sharing members with Portal and Grave upheaval. it has also in common with these bands an occult atmosphere and a very lo-fi, murky and suffocating sound. the brutal drumming and the crazy guitar leads sometimes offer a more direct attack, but still with a very "evil" feel, reminding the dangerous vibe of a band like Arkhon infaustus. and on their second album (release by Porfound lore) Unholy congregation of hypocritical ambivalence those faster and wilder parts are my favourite, the slower more ambiant ones being sometimes a bit too monotonous. I'd say it shares with their first album thes same evident qualities but aslo drawbacks. still a very good album, especially if you like your death metal with a somber "evil" feel.

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  1. the evil vibes of this album express. jump beyond of standard satanic or esoteric death metal bands. good work.
    I sugges. listen Portal, first