dimanche 31 août 2014

Rote mare - The invocation & The kingdom (2013)

 with the twin albums The Kingdom and The invocation, both released in may 2013, Adelaide's doomsters Rote mare released not one but two outstanding albums. their doom metal is firmly rooted in traditionnal heavy metal (those NWOBHM basslines!) while displaying a very strong personnality of its own. their strong point is their ability to write finely crafted songs, sometimes with an epic feel, sometimes with more intimate atmosphere. the other strong point is the excellent vocals managing very successfully to bring the songs the power of traditionnal heavy metal, the rawness of sludge, as well as the sensibily and melancholy of new wave (yes some parts, with some vocals reminding a bit Robert Smith and with the bass put forward, have a kind of new-wave flavour!).

two classic heavy metal albums that I can't recommend too much!

their Bancamp

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