mercredi 6 août 2014

GROND - Howling from the deep (2013)

good news, Russian death metal is not just slam! with GROND Russia has a really cool old school death metal band. what they play is influenced by early US death metal, the cover of Obituary not being by chance on their  album Howling from the deep (following a demo and around ten years playing as a band). They really managed to capure the vibe of the early days of death metal, with good trashy riffing, low vocals (done by the drummer!) that adds to the  heavy grooves of the songs. you can also hear good basslines with a sound that reminds good ol'Cannibal corpse. the russian trio really does a good job in producing simple but very enjoyable death metal. and a band with that kind of amazing artwork, a lovecraftian thematic and writing a song about sea tanks just can't do wrong...
if you're into old school death metal (or the most aggressive trash metal of the end of the 80') I cannot recommend you GROND too much.

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