vendredi 2 janvier 2015

Barabbas - Messe pour un chien (2014)

Messe pour un chien is the worthy follower of Libérez Barabbas! Barabbas excellent previous album released in 2011 (HERE you will find my review, going with an interview of the band done one year ago). Once again the french band captured perfectly the spirit of traditionnal doom / heavy metal while giving it their own interpretation. The powerfull vocals and the cleverly sarcastic lyrics in french are again very good. The band combine with taste the more rocking / heavy metal parts and the more doomy slow grooves. The songwriting and the melodies (and some subtle keyboards elements helps to build strong atmospheries) are really classy and classical in a good way (and you're never thinking "ok, but this is nearly the riff in this Black sabbath song.."). And have I said it's damn heavy?

They really are more than the best french doom band.

The Bandcamp page

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