lundi 19 janvier 2015

Thantifaxath - Sacred white noise (2014)

Sacred white noise is the first album by canadian black metallers Thantifaxath. They get some attention after the released of their demo in 2011 and this album, also released by Dark descent records, is a brilliant confirmation of their potential. If your looking for something very raw, brutal or trve pass your way. they belong more to the avant-garde side of black metal (while sticking largely to the basics of the genre, bleak atmosphere, croaked vocals, blast beats, etc..). The production is quite clean and clear and the use of contemporary music / neo classical elements as well as some elements reminding progressive music in a king crimsonian vein, bring a "classy" touch to their sound. They also use some dissonant riffing in a modern black metal vein (think Deathspell omega or Blut aus nord).  Their songwriting push more in the direction of creating melancholic, bizarre or epic atmospheres than on pure darkness or brutality. Sacred white noise is a fascinating album, a successfull step on the path of the broadening of black metal scope, a must listen for those interested in the more progressive / avant side of black metal, but it will also appeal to anyone into dark and atmospheric metal. A truly excellent album!

The bandcamp page.

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