lundi 5 janvier 2015

The cream of the grind 2014

Like I did the previous year I'm gonna give you the list of my favourite grind releases for the year that is just over.
here are the 8 grind releases that I enjoyed the most :

Coffin birth - Necrotic liquefaction            my review        the interview

Cretin - stranger                                          my review        the interview

Six brew bantha - Intravenously commodified       my review

Gridlink - Longhena                                                 my review

split Detroit  / Thedowngoing                                my review

OSK - Wretched existence : bleak future                  my review

Dead instrument - See through negative(EP)        my review

Vertigo index - Posthuman v1.1(EP)                       my review  the interview

good 2015 in grind!

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