mardi 27 octobre 2015

Cut to fit - Black mouth (2015)

Black mouth is the new album from the finnish grind band Cut to fit. It's another excellent release, confirming again the very good opinion I have about them (read HERE my review of their previous grind album and the interview that is going with it). After a drone album (which is ok but too minimalistic for me) they are back to their old school grind, with this time an emphasis on the hardcore groove more than on speed (but don"t worry they still deliver a healthy dose of blast beats!). As usual their songwriting is really good with memorable songs, no filler, catchy vocal lines, riffs and rythms (catchy as it can be in good ol' grind). So the more you'll listen to it the more you'll like it. If you like grind you sure won't be disappointed by this album.

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