mardi 20 octobre 2015

Extreme noise terror - ST (2015)

Yes this is the new Extreme noise terror album, seven years after the previous one (Law of retaliation), and they continue in the same crust vein. No going back to their more death / grind or death metal times (Damage 381 and Being and nothing). But they were key in making hardcore evolve towards something more extreme and their crust is not of a mellow kind. the vocals are still grindcore vocals (well, in fact it's more the other way round...), the sound is more powerfull than it usually is in crust and their songs sounds more ferocious and aggressive than "normal" crust. Is it a good album? yes it is, even if they don't really bring something new at least they manage to breathe some feel of urgency into their crust and that's not easy to do anymore (I feel crust often sounds too standardised and "tired". ok that can be said of most music "styles", yes...). Overall they did better than I expected and it could be the best crust album of the year.

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