lundi 15 février 2016

Hadak Ura / Voice of Crows split (2016)

After their promising first release last year (read HERE my review ) this split with Voice of Crows is Hadak Ura new release. Hadak Ura's side of the split starts really well with an exiting short first song bringing together hardcore, black metal and Slayer (a scream "à la Tom Araya", the drumming and the wild guitar soloing), then we have a good black / d-beat grind song, then the noise component of the band appears on the slower third song.  And the fourth song is a good sup up of  what we heard before. The "blackened hardcore" mix is not new and we get used to it but Hadak Ura manages to do it in a sharper style than what most bands are doing.

The Voice of Crows side offer more traditionnal 90' style hardcore. Not bad, but more generic.

The Hadak Ura side BC page.

The Voice of Crows side BC page.

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