mercredi 10 février 2016

The Body - No One Deserves Happiness (2016)

No One Deserves Happiness is the new The Body album, their "pop" album. Ok it's more melodic and especially with more melodic female singing, but it sounds more like an "industrial doom meets trip-hop" thing  than really "pop". We find all the usual The Body elements : slow paced drumming, inustrial beats, heavy doomy guitars, drone / noise elements, tortured shrieks. Even the inclusion of female melodic singing is not really a new element since they collaborated a few time with The Assembly of light choir. Here it is Maralie Armstrong who does this melodic singing. We already knew it coould work well with their music, And No one deserves happiness is another proof. I'd say it's a record that offer more a deeper exploration of one element of their sound than a radical change. Is the album good? It is, it respects The Body very high standard of excellency. Maybe I prefer their, more extreme, recent collaboration with Krieg, but I also really enjoy this one, and as usual some songs are awesome, really inspired. Now that they already have done many different collaborations what would be interesting would be to hear how they could propose something different and surprise us without collaborating with someone outside the band.

The Bandcamp page.

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