mardi 2 février 2016

Wolf eyes - I am a problem ; Mind in pieces (2015)

I am a problem ; Mind in pieces released in 2015 is the new Wolf eyes album. Wolf eyes is a major band in experimental noise music circles. To be honest I'm not very familiar with their previous releases (they are extremely prolific) but what I know is that I really like this album. It's experimental enough to be really interesting and surprising while never going into too extreme or too minimalistic "unlistenable" boring territories. There sure is a noise / drone element but in fact it is more melodic than I expected, with some good brass parts and keyboards and some "ritualistic / asleep / stoned" vocals. It's quiet and very trippy (thet call their music "trip metal" I'm not sure it is that much "metal" but it sure is really trippy indeed), with some repetitive / hypnotic beats and psyched and noisy guitar leads. Quiet but with an insecure and uneasy feel as well. Not really a happy smiling trip. We could say this album is on the free / psychedelic / kraut side of noise, and is really good at it.

Their website.

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