dimanche 24 avril 2016

Captive - Black Leather Glove (2015)

In my teenage, before listening to a lot of grindcore and death-meal I used to listen to The Cure on a daily basis. So this Captive album, Black Leather Glove, released last year, struck a chord with me, reminding one of my first musical obsession. The singing especially reminds Robert Smith, the overall sound as well, even though the synths plays a larger part. But don't think it's a more cheesy version of The Cure, no it doesn't reminds the "poppy" side of The Cure, it's more the dark and subtly disturbing The Cure that comes to mind, "Pornography", "Seventeen seconds", stuff like that. The side of The Cure I liked the most, and still like. But even if you never heard a single note of The Cure, or just the "radio hits" like "Boys don't cry", you have a big chance of enjoying Captive. It's really well done and classy post-punk / New wave. Recommended!  

The Bandcamp page.

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