vendredi 29 avril 2016

Embalmer - Emanations from the Crypt (2016)

You can't really make an album more death-metal than this one. Raw and brutal old-school death metal. Emanations from the Crypt is released in 2016 (by Hell's Headbangers records) but that could have been made in 1996. Timeless death-metal. The real deal. Embalmer is a band from Cleveland and they are making death metal since the early nineties, but it was mostly demos (but excellent ones!) and a first album that they felt was not really true to the band so this one can be seen like their first "proper" album even though they are far from juniors... The typical death metal vocals are great, the drummer is doing a great job with his non-triggered drumkit, the crazy guitar playing reminds the good stuff from Deranged, so it's all good. really cool stuff (well, on the rotten side of "cool" of course!), one of my favourite death metal release this year so far.

The Bandcamp page.

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