mardi 19 avril 2016

DÄLEK - Asphalt for Eden (2016)

Seven years after its previous album, Gutter tactics, Dalek is back with this Asphalt for Eden surprisingly released by Profound lore (and why not!). DJ Octopus is not in the band anymore but the classical Dalek sound is still there, maybe it's just closer to the more classical boom-bap sound of the other MC Dalek project Iconaclass. But it's still boom-bap with heavy beats and a big dose of dark and melancholic noise / shoegaze atmosphere and classy samples (even tough I miss the free jazz ones from their old releases...). So it's maybe a more traditionnal hip-hop album but since the production is still really good and keeps the specific Dalek sound, and since MC Dalek is doing great on the mic (good flow and good lyrics) I won't complain. Not my favourite Dalek album but still far better than most hip-hop release and an album than I really enjoy listening to. 

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