vendredi 8 avril 2016

The Body & Full of Hell - One day you will ache like I ache (2016)

After their softer album "No one deserves happiness" The Body are back to their nightmarish usual with this collaboration, called "One day you will ache like I ache", with the hardcore / grind band Full of Hell. Maybe one of their most sinister release with a lot of harsh noise / dark ambient in their industrial doom / drone base. Plus some more violence added with the blast beats / faster / more chaotic / more dynamic drumming from Full of Hell's drummer. And maybe the few track where you have this addition are the best, like on the title track starting with some industrial dub beats before all hell breaks loose in a blast beats / free extreme metal whirlwind ending on a good noise guitar part. It's another good album from The Body, no doubt about it, but the problem is that it sounds a lot more like a The Body album featuring Full of Hell on some tracks than really a collaborative album. I feel like the collaboration does not reach it's full potential, or just sometimes. most of the time it sounds like another good The Body album. which is ok, but the collaboration with Full of Hell should have been used  to more effects. Maybe another time...
The album is released by Neurot recordings.

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