mardi 10 mai 2016

Column of Heaven / Suffering Luna split (2016)

This split is the last release from Column of Heaven and that alone would be a reason to listen to it. But in fact the Suffering Luna side is even better. Column of Heaven was one of the best and most interesting hardcore band, with their bleak and aggressive hardcore with noise elements (into the songs and as instrumentals). With their seven tracks on this split they really end on a high note. Strong stuff. Suffering Luna doesn't seem to be a very active band nowadays but I hope I'm wrong because their 17 minutes track on this split is a monster. Their ritualistic noise sludge with howling sax displayed here is one of the most impressive and memorable thing I heard these last months. With their excellent and innovative take on hardcore / sludge / noise these two bands released a really great split. Highly recommended listen! (I already listened to it many, many, many times myself so I know what I'm talking about...)

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