dimanche 8 mai 2016

Horse Latitude - Primal Gnosis (2016)

Horse Latitude is a finnish trio, with drums, and two guitarists, one playing bass guitar, and the other ...bass guitar as well! that gives the band its very primitive and raw sound, adding a nice twist to their funeral / drone doom. There's also some noise elements, and Moog parts to bring a bit of melody and an extra dose of weirdness to the atmosphere. Yes atmosphere, this is all about atmosphere, evoking some very old forests, the realm of ancient beasts or some terrific rituals at night. On their new album Primal Gnosis, their fourth one,  the songs are less memorable their on their previous one ( Black soil, a true masterpiece. You can read the review & interview I did then HERE), but anyway this one is even more about raw atmospheres, with longer and even more minimalistic songs, with good noisy and more metallic and savage peaks. Another good album from a very special and interesting band.

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