lundi 23 mai 2016

Concrete Mascara - Perennial Disappointment (2016)

This is not easy listening... this is power electronics. Concrete Mascara is an american power electronics trio and Perennial Disappointment is their debut on Malignant records (a reliable dealer in power electronics / dark ambiant stuff). But they had already released something like six albums plus other releases. They manage on this album to sound as "hard", extreme and abrasive as power electronics can but also easier to listen than other stuff of this kind because each tracks have it's own thing that makes it different from the rest of the album, unlike their previous album "History of Ruin", some tracks have rythmic elements (there's a good technoise track for exemple), some vocal parts, some instrumentals, more ambiant tracks. It's very extreme but not too much, too dense and boring. An excellent and, hum... "enjoyable" power electronics album.

Their blog

some tracks on Soundcloud

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