lundi 27 juin 2016

Deathblow - The Other Side of Darkness (2015)

This cover art screams "old school metal!!" and that's indeed what the music is. Deathblow is a new trash metal band from salt lake city that are playing very classical but very cool and well done trash metal (in a Slayer / Kreator vein). They released an album that was good but a bit "demoish" but this EP called The Other Side of Darkness, released last year is absolutely sharp an efficient. With the Evil Invaders album last year (that was less classical trash with it's heavy / speed elements) this one is my favourite recent trash metal stuff. All I like in trash metal, the speed, the raw aggression, the straight forward "no bullshit" attitude, the memorable riffing and vocal lines, all is here, delivered with the conviction and energy needed. Traditionnal, but enjoyable anyway. If you're into trash metal no doubt you'll like it.

The Bandcamp page.

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