jeudi 2 juin 2016

Landskap - III (2016)

Landskap is among the best heavy rocking bands but few knows it. Their third album (called III for mysterious reasons) altough not my favourite one keep the quality at a very high level. Their doom / stoner / psych rock is different from the countless bands now playing this kind of music because it is a bit more progressive, the organ brings a Deep purple and The Doors something, and speaking of The Doors their great vocalist reminds more Jim Morrison than Ozzy Osbourne wich is also a very welcome change. Why is it not my favourite among their three albums? well, I feel their guitar sound is maybe a bit more modern now, getting closer to the sound of many stoner rock bands. And the best songs on the album are maybe a bit inferior to the best songs they had on their previous albums, maybe because the songwriting is a bit more traditionnal. But it's still very very good and a really enjoyable listen.

Their Bandcamp page.

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