vendredi 1 février 2013

The Fërtility cült-Eschatology (2010)

The Fërtility cült is a finnish band (from Tampere) that is bringing something different to the overcrowded 70' inspired metal. their main difference lies in the use of a saxophone, not just for a few solos, but really melted in the songs throughout the record, to add another melodic line (with guitars and organ), giving the record a more weid, free and progressive vibe to their psychedelic stoner rock. so their latest release Eschatology, released in 2010 sounds a bit like a meeting between Black sabbath and King crimson, a mix of Iron man and 21th century schizoid man. and the result is really interesting and good. they deserves more recognition. Hopefully the next record called Heavenly bodies will be out soon...

but for the moment check Eschatology on their BC page.

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