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Badgod music is a label founded in 2011 and dealing underground and uncompromising music. each of its thirteen band plays a variety of extreme and dark music in brutal or more subtle ways, ranging from death / black metal to indus / noise / ambient experimental music.

you can learn more about Badgod music and its bands on its website :

or listen / download the records on its bandcamp page.

you can also read below what Dave, the man behind Badgod music, answered to my questions :

-on your facebook page we learn that Badgod music was formed in 2011, what were your motivations then? what was the project at the start?

I was and still am hosting a radio show on non-profit station near Vail CO. I accept promos from a number of labels and pr firms as well as independent artists. Many of the unsigned artists fascinated me because I thought their material rivaled or surpassed that of artists on labels – large or small, Doing the radio show I had the good fortune of meeting Never To Arise, Trillion Red and Black Crow King; in fact Gordon Denhart (Never To Arise) was my first “friend” on Myspace as I was setting up a page for my show. Being the paranoid introvert that I am, I immediately checked him out and that led me to his band. I was blown away! Connections with Trillion Red and Black Crow King subsequently followed. I started the label with the simple goal of helping artists I enjoy reach more people.
At the start, the label consisted of three bands and the desire to spread their musical manifesto.

-how did you get into music and metal?
For as long as I can remember I have been interested in music. When I was very young I listened to the radio during much of my spare time. A relative bought Kiss ‘Alive’ for my brother. At first we were both horrified, but after multiple listens I was hooked. AC/DC followed and that quickly led to a slippery metallic slope starting with the standards : Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, etc..

Despite having limited to no musical aptitude, three friends and I did form a band in high school. It was a joke at first but we did build a rather large fan base quickly and we actually got on the radio and played a handful of gigs before disbanding when we started college. I played drums for a while but as I had no sense of timing or rhythm, I quickly moved to vocals, which fit as I wrote most of the lyrics.

It was for the better that we did breakup because we had strayed from our Misfits/Dead Kenndedys/Ministry roots to something of a Yes/ Metallica/Men Without Hats hybrid with a Yoko Ono thing going on.

-you already signed a few band and released quite a lot of record for a new label in two years, I suppose Badgod music takes a lot of your time?
It definitely does take up a large amount of my time and I would hate to actually sit down and calculate my hourly wage, but I am passionate about it and I like the challenge of starting a label from scratch and bringing it and the bands a level of notoriety that will shock and awe.

-were the band you signed bands that you knew already or bands that you discovered after the birth of Badgod music?
As mentioned, I knew Never To Arise, Trillion Red and Black Crow King before starting the label and they were the initial inspiration to take the first steps towards global musical domination. A recent signing, Denver thrash/doom trio The Casket Crew, I knew of before starting the label. It took a while to work up the moxie to sign them as they scared the shit out of me and these feelings proved to be well-founded as they proved to be hard-asses when it came to negotiations. Inferion approached me through the recommendation of Clawhammer PR. They were another band I had played on my show, so was well aware of them and absolutely rapturous when Nick Reyes approached me.

-how do you pick the bands you want to work with?
There has to be an initial spark but I will also listen to the artists dozens of times before making a decision. I never have any preconceived notions of who or what genre I want to sign. Whatever turns my crank at the time but I want to make sure the crank keeps turning.
-although the majority of the Badgod music bands are playing death or black metal you're not limited to that with bands more noise / ambient as well, was this diversity something you wanted from the start for Badgod music?
When I first started out, I did consider what kind of label I wanted it to be, and decided I did not want to pigeon-hole the label, aside from maintaining a feeling of darkness, malevolence and heaviness. As I enjoy a wide variety of heavy music, the thought of dealing with only death or black metal would have been hard for me.

-it seems that your released has most of the time an "evil" (overtly and brutal or more sneaky) global presentation, music, cover, lyrics, etc..I suppose from the name of the label that it not just coming from the bands but is also your idea of what should be a badgod music release?
Yes, the idea is to maintain an overall feeling of evilness or brutality, even if these can be subversive at times. I believe the bands currently on the roster have no problem maintaining the label’s overall feel now or will in the future.

-what is your most successfull release yet?

That is a difficult question to answer as I feel they have all been successful in their own way, garnering overall very positive responses from critics and hoi polloi alike. Ever the diplomat!

-a few words about your most recent releases?

Summarizing the latest releases in a few words would be a difficult task. The year started off with an unrivaled storm of malevolent ugliness in the form of the industrial/power-electronics of Project:Void’s ‘The Anthropogenic Process’. It is limited to 100. Another limited release is the Trillion Red ‘Echo Road EP’. It possesses a darker, heavier sound than the recently released ‘Metaphere’. Unlike ‘Metaphere’, there are no subtleties: it mercilessly uses the doomscape as its stomping ground. Uvikra’s ‘Bi’ is one of the most interesting slabs of blackened death you will ever hear: production that gives no quarter to pretense and an almost sinuous chord progressions that immediately envelopes the listener in a stranglehold of dread and hopelessness. And the most recent release: ‘The Grace Of Pettiness’, a split between Back Crow King and Thoreous, is a wild sludgy queef of musical experimentation that may push the Grammys to inaugurate a new category. Coming soon is King Carnage’s ‘Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh’: a violent and raging Black/Death concoction that will split heads.

-what can we expect from Badgod music in the coming months?

More wonderful weirdness, darkness, heaviness, brutality and overall exciting musical shenanigans that will take music and people’s lives to unparalleled heights of introspection and exploration.

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