samedi 2 mars 2013

Vuyvr-Eiskalt (2013)

Vuyvr is a band from Switzerland, featuring membres from Knut, Impure Wilhelmina, Elisabeth and Rorcal. considering this lin-up it's not surprising, first that Vuyvr music is good, and secondly that their black metal is not strictly traditionnal. on their new record, Eiskalt, the basis is raw and blastbeating black metal, ferocious and intense. and to this agressivity they add some epicness and melody, in a way that remins a bit Emperor (but rawer and without keyboards..), but also some post-hardcore elements making their sound bridging the gap between old school and modern black metal. merciless blast beats and subtility? a meeting of black metal and modern hardcore? intense and uncompromising music? you'll understand easily why this release is a collaboration between Blastbeat mailmurder productions and Thoatruiner records.

you can have this release (come on, you must have this release!) eiter as a digital free download, or on vinyl (the more aggressive song on the A side, and the most melodic / atmospheric ones on the B side).

check it on the Bandcamp page. highly recommended!

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