vendredi 29 mars 2013

Avitacion 101 / Beatriz Carnicero-Lo peor de nosotros (2013)

Lo peor de nosotros is a split with two bands from Uruguay, Avitacion 101 and Beatriz Carnicero.

Avitacion 101 plays crust with some very good female singing / screaming that sounds very heartfelt and springs life into their four songs on this split, and since the songwriting and playing are also very well crafted i'd say all crust / HC punk lovers should give it a try.

Beatriz Carnicero first record called No reces released last year made an excellent impression on me, so maybe that's why at first I was a bit disapointed with their tracks on this split. I'd say No reces sounds sharper and tighter. but don't worry, their eight grinding hardcore (or powerviolence / fastcore) songs are good anyway. but I'm waiting for another record of the caliber of No reces. If it's not already done yet I really recommend you listen to it (and read my review, with an interview of the band HERE).

and listen to the split on BC.  

3 commentaires:

  1. i couldn't get into the whole melt-banan-y vocals on avitacion 101 but that beatriz carnicero side rules

  2. thanks for your comment Andrew, always interesting to hear a different appreciation.
    I also like Beatriz carnicero side, it's a really good band, it's just that I'm getting into No reces more easily. we'll see what they'll do next..

  3. Thanks for the post, i play drums on BC...check please the last stuff, split with Odioso Dios from argentina...thanks and cheers dude!!!