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Call of the void -Dragged down a dead end path (2013)

Dragged down a dead end path is Call of the void's first record  but you wouldn't say so. released by Relapse the record has a professional sound and the playing of the musicians is very tight and precise. They play an abrasive kind of hardcore  with some grind parts and a touch of sludge. what you find in the songs is metallic mid tempo hardcore with a dirty sludgy guitar sound and some faster parts with blast beats. it can also be described as somewhere between Converge and Rotten sound. maybe it's a bit lacking in originality and very strong elements that would distinguish them from the pack, but otherwise it's a really solid record. check it if you're into this kind of stuff.

here's their Bandcamp page.

their guitarist Patrick Alberts answered by mail to my questiosn, read it below :

-a few word on the formation of the band and it's evolution up to now? isn't it awesome to have a first record released by Relapse?
Basically Gordon our Drummer and I have been playing together for the last 8-9 years.  When we were still Ironhorse, we went through a couple failed line ups.  In the later months of 2011 we were finally able to get a line up were happy with and wanted to continue on with seriously.  It is very awesome having our first album released via Relapse.  Relapse is such a great label and it has been a great pleasure working with them and joining the family.

-how would you describe your record, Dragged down a dead end path?

This record is filled with awesome riffs, genuine hateful lyrics and pummeling drums. 

-is grindcore one of your influences? if so how do you relate to it?

Grindcore is definitely one of our influences, but not the main influence.  Essentially we live and die by the riff, if there is room for blast beats then and they  make the song part better then will put them in.  When writing we are not concerned whether or not things are grindcore, we write what we think sounds best.  Blast beats just seem to compliment our riffs very well and make us sound grindcore-ish.

-a few words about how it was written, recorded and produced?

Basically all the songs were written in our house, which we live and practice in.  The album was recorded at the Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah with our buddy Andy Patterson.   Very simple processes for each.

-what is the idea behind the cover art, with these skeleton nuns?

I'm not sure what the idea behind the art is, since we left all artistic interpretation to Anthony Lucero, when he was drawing it.  We simply gave him the lyrics and said, do what you would like to best represent what we are talking about.  I think he did a very good job and it is one of the best album covers I have ever seen or been a part of.

-there are many bands nowadays mixing hardcore/crust and metal, what do you think is different in what you do?

The main difference is a lot of our riffs come from more of a rock background.  I think a lot of those bands have a lot of influence from Swedish Death n Roll bands, which have no influence on us whatsoever.  I can't really even say I like Entombed.  They are a good band, but I have never really listened to them seriously.  There is more Matt Pike or Greg Anderson in our music than say Alex Hellid. 

-what about the lyrics of the songs?

The lyrics on this album are more a diatribe against organized religion as well as a few social commentaries.  We plan on straying away from religion at this point now that it is out of our system.

-what's your feeling about the situation in the US?

I'm not quite sure on what subject you are inquiring about here.  Basically in some places the USA is great and in some places the USA fucking sucks.  As a society I think we need a little bit more cooperation with each other as individuals and more discourse about our government.

-do you feel like being part of a scene (Hardcore, crust/grind, Colorado, etc.,) or not especially?

Absolutely it is a great scene with a lot of great bands.

-how did you get into hardcore / metal?

Basically my heavy music listening started off as a child listening to Metallica.  Then I moved on to artists like Death, Type O Negative and Cannibal Corspe in my teens.  From there it has been quite a journey gathering and listening to a lot of awesome music.  Hardcore and Metal spoke to me more than popular music and the rest is history.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Bands I'm into at the moment are, Hoax, Homewrecker, Warthog, Creative Adult and Inter Arma.  Bands from Colorado I'm currently enjoying are Primitive Man, Reproacher, Gravetorn and Catholic Girls.  All great dudes playing great music.

-are you touring to present your record or plan to do it?

We just returned from a 3 week tour of the United States.  We have the Scion Rock Fest and Lucifest coming up this summer then we will be hitting the road again in the Fall.

-what's the next step for Call of the void?

Tour, Tour , Tour and then record our follow up.  From what we have written so far, it is going to be on hell of a record.

-a final "full of wisdom sentence" to conclude?

A wise homeless man once told me at a Taco Bell that " If you get a water cup, you can get any flavor you want".  I think it is a great way to view life in general, even though he was just wasted and wanted a free Coke.

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