mardi 30 juillet 2013

Hollow mirrors - Hollow mirrors II

Hollow mirrors is an excellent psychedelic rock band from San Fransisco. I played a lot their first, self titled, album (see HERE my review, with an interview of the band), and their second one, aptly named Hollow Mirrors II, is following the same path. they kept their heavy rock basis (evident in a song like Falling of the hour with its sabbathian riffage in the intro) and the psychedelic colours of their excellent melodies (for exemple in Falling of the hour, definitely a really marvellous song, the heavy riffing marry very tastefully the psyched pinkfloyedesque key parts). but they also added new elements to further enrich their sound. On some of the songs the guitars, the singing, and the overal atmosphere reminds of the more folk/prog (a bit Canterbury style maybe) side of 60' rock, and they bring at times a touch of krautrock. so globally the heavy side is still there but even more than on their first record it's the melodies and the songwriting that appears in the forefront. which is a good thing because they are very strong for that, and the result is really probing. with this new album they take another step in the crafting of their own style and distinguish themselves further from the countless stoner trippy rock band. I recommend very highly this album, very pleasing to the point it gets addictive (and indeed I listen to it evey day since I found it).

check their Bandcamp.

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