mercredi 18 septembre 2013

The body - Christs, Redeemers (2013)

Nowadays you'll find many droning doom band. ok. but none like The body.

Christs, redeemers the new album (out in october) of the duo from Portland, is of course heavy, I mean really heavy, slow and noisy, with nightmarish shrieks as vocals. but not only that, with their drone and noise bordering ambient / industrial, some strings parts and melodic female vocals (yes! these vocals are performed by The assembly of light choir) they create a kind of eerie atmosphere. bleak misery, nihilism, but also light. this atmosphere that coupled with the organic feel of the heavy elements (drums and bass, I mean a lot of really heavy bass), gives this album a kind of haunted presence, slowly infiltrating the listener. it's not music as usual, it's truly a sonic experience. it's not for everybody but I recommend you try it. 

their Bandcamp (but without the new album).

one of the new song (to attempt openness) streaming here.

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