jeudi 8 mai 2014

Carousel - Jeweler's daughter (2013)

Classy cover art for a classy album. Carousel is a young band from Philadelphia, and their excellent debut album Jeweler's daughter was released last summer by the also excellent Tee pee records. I wonder why it seems that few people noticed it because it really would have deserved more attention. it has everything you love in classic heavy metal. think Judas priest, Iron maiden and Black sabbath, fused with a touch of Thin lizzy and some heavy rock boogie. faultless balance of rocking vibe and hooks. a smooth and sharp guitar sound, cool leads, excellent vocals and most importantly excellent songs. nearly each one is a heavy metal hit. they doesn't reinveint the wheel at all but their classical heavy metal sounds fresher and better than most retro bands.

you can stream it from this The obelisk (recommended blog by the way) post.

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