dimanche 25 mai 2014

Sete star sept - Sacrifice (2013) review & interview

Sete star sept is without a doubt one of the most radical and original noisegrind act. the japanese duo fuse screams and noisy bass attack with some furious "free grind"drumming. the result is as chaotic and intense as you can get. with half a minute blast of sonic violence. their latest LP Sacrifice is 24 of these sonic explosions. all killer, no filler. even if it's not the most noisy or chaotic Sete star sept records it's still incredibly wild and grind. I love it. one of my favourite Sete star sept release.

the Bandcamp page

Sete star sept website

Sete star sept drummer, Kiyasu, answered to my questions by mail, read the interview below :

-what about your new record called Sacrifice? it seems to me that
compared to some of your other records it's a bit less chaotic and
noise, a slight bit more straight grind, do you think so?

Kiyasu: Yes, i think so.
songs in Sacrifice album are straight grind. more easy to understand
how do we play our songs than other releases.
noise freaks might feels these songs are too clean sound.

-when you wrote songs for a record do you start with a global idea of
the record or is it more just a collection of songs? when you do a
record a bit different is it on purpose or does it just happen so?

most songs made by chance while we were in the studio session.
we always try to make weird songs.

-what about the artwork for sacrifice, does it has a specific meaning
in japanese culture?

it's not specific meaning in japanese culture. the artwork for
sacrifice drawn by Edi Mirror who lives in indonesia. he gave us
original artwork when we were touring in indonesia. he is great
illustrator and also play harsh noise sometimes. one of my best

-you are releasing a lot of music, with Sete star sept and other
bands, are you a full time musician, or is it just the need to express
a non stop flow of creativity?

i'm not full time musician. i need to work sometimes for
living in japan.
I earns part-time job at the minimum of money.
I've been making and playing music the rest of the time.

-what about the other bands you are a part of? can you tell us a few
words about the music of these bands?

i play drums on avant-Rock band "Fushitsusha" and Free jazz
band "Kiyasu Orchestra".
OK, i explain you these bands using few words

Kiyasu Orchestra - Free Jazz, fast, improvise
Fushitsusha - Hard Rock, Original method

-currently Sete star sept is touring in Europe with Satan, what are
your feelings about this tour?

we've never been to western europe before. really excite it! and
it's first time to tour with other bands together in europe.

-you shared a split with Satan, how did you get to know them?

i got email from Mika/SATAN to release split 7inch together in 2010.
he is also running record label called Witch Bukkake Records.
we released the 7inch from his label. it was our first release for split 7inch.

-are there some other french bands that you like?
Adolf Shitter

-Which evolution would you like to see for underground music in the future?
i can't imagne about the future.
but i would like to be good relationship with my friends who are
getting into extreme music.
and i just keep enjoying and recording noise music.

-what in planned for Sete star sept in the coming months?

we might to release two special releases for SETE STAR SEPT 10
years anniversary.
it's new 7inch EP and 10 tapes box set.
and we are going to tour in 6 weeks US/Canadian tour on August/September then
Australian tour on November, Japan tour on December.

-one final "full of wisdom" sentence to close the interview?

Feel beyond noise! noisecore everywhere!

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