samedi 17 mai 2014

Lord Mantis - Death mask (2014)

Death mask is the third full lenght from Chicago's "death sludge" dealers Lord Mantis. i'd been impressed by their previous album Pervertor and am pleased to say that Death mask is of the same caliber. sounds completely filthy and drenched in pain. it features some old school death metal elements but we could say that overall it's sludge (heavy and slow parts, noisy and dirty guitar sound), but a very black sludge, closer to death metal than to punk hardcore, with even some "industrial" elements (for exemple some effects on the vocals reinforcing their inhuman sound) adding to the cold and bleak atmosphere. add to that the very strong songwriting, with well crafted epic moments and some few but good nasty melodies, and you have another excellent piece of sludgy death audio nihilism from Lord Mantis. highly recommended!

listen to Death mask on Profound lore Bandcamp.

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