samedi 13 septembre 2014

Church of the dead - vol. 4 Meet me in the tomb (2014)

Meet me in the tomb is the fourth volume of the EP series by Church of the dead, and once again the finnish quatuor delivers some nice old school and raw death metal, reminding the time when in the music of death metal bands elements of trash, D-beat and speed metal were still present along with what would become the typical death metal features. oddly this kind of retro take on the genre allows Church of the dead to sound more spontaneous and vivid than most death metal band. like if the more you dig the fresher it is when it comes to death metal! and as usual they wrote simple and catchy songs (catchy by death metal standards you know what I mean..) with a good balance between all out agression and some horror movie atmospheres. a really enjoyable no bullshit death metal record.

their BC page

their website

and Here's my review of their previous releases, with an interview as well .

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