samedi 27 septembre 2014

Earth - Primitive and deadly (2014)

Primitive and deadly is Earth's eighth full lenght and is their most accessible and catchy to date. they went closer to the rock format (but we could say this is a kind of experimentating for Earth!) and even have three songs with vocals. two with Mark Lanegan, as good as he is usually, and one with Rabia Shaheen Qazi the women singing in Rose windows, and she's doing good as well. but it's not just the singing, the music is less minimalistic, with some nice melodic guitar works. the atmosphere reminds the solemnity and subtly dark one we had in Hex : or printing in the infernal method, but sounds less desolate, with a lighter feel. I think overall it's really a success, they really managed to make their sound evolves while sticking to their strong identity and offering a subtle but very enjoyable listen.

their Bandcamp

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