mercredi 17 septembre 2014

OSK - We will never change (2014)

17 songs in 12 minutes. yes it's grind! We will never change is the new release (as a 10'' vinyl by Give praise records) of OSK, a band rightly recognised as one of the best in the canadian powerviolence / grind scene.  and We will never change is another blatant proof of their power. they have the raw poweviolence sound without never sounding messy, probably not only thanks to a good production but also because their songs are cleverly written and grips the listeners tightly. very efficient drumming, good riffing, screamed vocals never annoying, some slower parts never getting boring, the occasional hardcore mosh parts. well, you get it, their formula works really well and We will never change will clearly stay as one of the best grind related release of the year.

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