lundi 29 septembre 2014

Cannibal corpse - A skeletal domain (2014)

Cannibal corpse are still there 25 yeras after they started releasing death metal albums, and once again they are proving that they are the living (or should I say living dead?) embodiment of consistency when it comes to death metal. A skeletal domain is their thirteenth album and another damn good one, not their best for sure, but still an impressive tour de force, delivering the best brutal and technical US death metal you can find. you'll find in the new one what you love in the others, excellent vocal lines in the "corpsegrinder" own feral style, metronomic blast beats from a drummer just doing exactly what the songs needs, jaw dropping basslines, pure badass death metal riffing and soloing all over, and all that melted in excellent songs showing a killer science of how to to mix the monstrous groove the sheer brutality and the horrific atmospheres. this time what is different from their others albums (a bit, they never go very far from their tried and tested formula, and that's not a bad thing if you ask me)? maybe it has a bit more slower and heavier parts, maybe they were in a mood of turning a bit longer the knives into the wounds this time (no songs under 3 minutes, but the couple of songs in the middle of the album are the best illustration of this "turning the knife slower" approach).

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