mardi 16 septembre 2014

VETTER - Vetterkult (2012)

Released in 2012 this album did not get the attention it deserves. Vetterkult by the norwegian one man band VETTER is a very interesting black metal related album. it shows a wide diversity, and while always sticking to a genuine black metal feel it displays it in a variety of different musical forms. a classical an choir samples instrumental intro, then one of the most black metal songs of the album, but with dissonant riffing and some cold distorted industrial elements, then a song with loud and heavily distorted bass and repetitive mid tempo beats. then another dark classical instrumental with choir samples. follows a long black metal / industrial song with some clean singing in the end. then a kazoo interlude (yes!) before a folk / neofolk song. then you have a noise instrumental before a last black metal song. an excellent album that stays true to the spirit of norwegian black metal while experimenting sucessfully with different musical forms. recommended!

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