vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Electric wizard - Time to die (2014)

Electric wizard are a major doom metal institution, there are many bands sounding more influenced by them than by Black sabbath, and that's something. they are now releasing their eight full length album called Time to die. to be honest I was'nt really convinced by my first listen and still got mixed feelings about it. yes they backed from the more polished sound and songwriting they had on their previous albums and that's not a bad thing (those albums were good and were a good try though). Electic wizard is at its best dwelling in the filth. Time to die is raw, dirty, bleak and trippy in a noisy nightmarish way. and I love it. but the problem is that it often sounds more like rehearsal jams than actual songs. I'm not saying they should follow the "pop" or "rock" song format of course, but they could have injected more dynamic and progression in the songs. by force of mesmerising like repetition the impression fades a bit after some listen but still you often feels like listening to the same song for one hour. no songs really stands out as really memorable or bringing something new.
well, it makes a good soudtrack for lazy afternoons...
still another good album from the wizard, but very probably will never be among my favourite one.

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