jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Worse - st EP (2014)

Worse is a new band from San Fransisco, they just released  a self titled EP / Demo on Bandcamp and if you're into raw and angry hardcore I recommend you pay attention to it. they play some hard hitting metallic hardcore but without succumbing to the sirens of the "blackened" wave of hardcore. they really sound rooted in old school hardcore punk with mid tempo songs and simple and abrasive riffing. compared to old school hardcore their extra dose of agression does not consist in some Entombed worhsipping but is closer to powerviolence hardcore, with a raw sound, vocals that are very aggressive but staying in a punk hardcore vein, and a bit of blast beats in the last of the sixth songs of the demo.
as a grind addict I can't help feeling i'd like it even better if it went faster, but that really won't be a problem for people more into traditionnal hardcore punk, and anyway anyone enjoying their six minutes of hardcore violence will like it!

a very good start for Worse!

their Bandcamp

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