jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Yob - Clearing the path to ascend ( 2014)

There's some beautifull humble majesty in Yob. their new album (out on Neurot-recordings and that's not by chance) Clearing the path to ascend rise to impressive depths and reach. Yob's doom raw mystical vibe is unique. the four songs are as heavy as any doom but it's post rock / psychedelic / progressive elements makes it more diverse than doom usually is. Mike Scheidt wide vocal range from melodic high pitch singing to near death metal growls also brings a lot to the identity of the band. Clearing the path to ascend sounds all encompassing and quietly powerfull, it reach your mind as much as it reach your guts and does it in a very special way, providing a great listening experience.

it's Neurot recordings page.

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