jeudi 15 décembre 2016

Guillaume Perret - Free (2016)

The cover of this album is a good description of it's content : the French saxophonist Guillaume Perret solo with his electrified saxophone and his effects pedals. The album is called Free, but don't expect something sounding like the usual free jazz. It is free from every jazz traditions and schools. You'll find elements evoking classical, swing, world and  klezmer (Perret, with his former band, recorded an album of John Zorn's Masada's cover belonging to the Book of angel series), but also electro, rock, and a bit of noise. This diversity makes the album a very surprising listen but it's main strenght, above the diversity, is the quality of the compositions with excellent melodies and groove. He really makes the sax sound powerfull and inspiring. I really recommend you listen to this great album even if you're not especially into jazz.

Guillaume Perret website.

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