lundi 12 décembre 2016

Ruined Families - Education (2016)

Ruined Families is a hardcore / punk band from Greece that already have a few very good releases (Read HERE my review of the previous one, with the interview we did back then). Their style could be related to screamo, without the predictability and stereotypes that usually goes with screamo, but with the intensity it can have. Their new album, Education, maintain the same level of quality while their sound evolved a bit, with more diversity. Education contains some of their most fast-paced and aggressive songs, but also their most melodic moments, and both are very well done, so I'd say it's a successfull move. Another good point I already mentionned about their previous releases, is the good lyrics, adding a dimension to the music if you take the time to read it. Education is another excellent album from Ruined famillies. don't miss it.

Their BC page.

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