samedi 23 février 2013

Ash borer-Bloodlands (2013)

first thing, this record deserves that you forgive its ugly cover art. but I'm sure if you know already Ash borer it won't prevent you from listening to it.
if you don't know it already maybe you can start by reading the review I did for their previous record (HERE).
Ash borer means classy sophisticated black metal and more generally quality music. it's not by chance that their last album was released by Profound lore and this new 12' called Bloodlands by Gilead media, two among the best labels of the moment for underground metal. Bloodlands is just two songs but more than thirty minutes of good music. Black metal with post-rock atmosphere and "progressive" song structures, which means the songs are growing to attain epic climaxes, passing through a variety of elements from dark shoegazing to dissonant riffing or blast beats.

you can listen to one of the songs in the Ash borer Gilead media Bandcamp page

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