mercredi 27 février 2013

Inset-Last breath EP (2013)

Inset is a band from Poland and Last breath, despite its title is their first record. three songs (plus the intro) of a really good death metal. it was released in january by Badgod music. first thing to note is that, contrary of most death metal band, they bring some originality and that's a very good thing. not something completely new but a different mix of elements. it has the traditionnal efficiency of polish death metal, straightforward and trashy , hitting directly ont he right spot. catchy and groovy, yet brutal. but Inset also displays a more subtle approach with a melodic touch, like in the guitar soli, and a somewhat progressive songwriting and sound. the bass guitar parts especially bring a proggy / technical element to the music. and does it with inspiration and good results. top notch songwriting and musicianship. clearly a new death metal band to watch. I'm now waiting for a full lenght album. 

you can listen / download it on their Badgod music bandcamp page

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