samedi 9 février 2013

Hardcore 2012

time for end year list is over, but I don't care. here's a list of hardcore or hardcore related (PV / fastcore, whatever) records released in 2012 that I liked.
by alphabetical order. with a link to the review / interview I did.
-Beatriz carnicero - No reces EP                  review & interview

-Big box - Die now                                         review

-Blessings - Bittervaten                                 review & interview

-Burning love - Rotten things to say             review

-Converge - All we love we leave behind      review

-Martyrdöd - Paranoia                                  review

-Reveangeance - Johnny Q citizen                 review

-Trash talk - 119                                            review

-Ursut - Dårarnas Paradis                             review

-Vitamin X - About to crack                           review

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